Trend Alert: Dad Sneakers & Biker Shorts

Trends, trends, trends! They come, they go and they resurface. There were two trends from 2018 that I never thought I would get behind. Yes, you guessed it.. Dad sneakers and biker shorts! I truly did not understand when I saw them during fashion week (as a gal that has an interest in fashion) how I was going to incorporate these into my style.

With that said, I love a challenge. I do not claim to know everything or that my content/outfits are 100% original because I am very much so (just like anyone else) influenced by others. By my surroundings, designers, movie stars and fashion icons. When it comes to new trends I love to see what fashion icons or stylists do with them, find what I like, what I don't and put my own touch/twist on it. I like to combine my influences into something that's ME!

Biker shorts are an easier trend for me to incorporate. I found my inspiration from Gigi Hadid, Sincerely Jules, Blank Itinerary and Kim Kardashian-West herself! The way they made this trend look so effortless is something I wanted to accomplish when styling mine. Dad sneakers took me a little longer to figure out what I liked with them and how to style them in a way that was comfortable/cool to me. A way that fit my own brand. I find it fun and challenging to take trends that you may not be that excited about and give them a try because you just might end up loving them! Influencers I thought rocked this trend are @cassdimicco and @emmaleger.

When styling this current outfit I wanted to incorporate both trends in one for a more relaxed everyday look. If I wanted to dress it up for a night out or dinner I would throw on some strappy heels that I linked below! The current pair that I have are from Lulu's but these are very similar. One discounted option and one pricer.

I'm curious to see what's in store for the fashion year of 2019! What were your not so favorite trends from 2018?

Thanks so much for reading!

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