Pajama Top Trend

Pajama tops are still in full swing and who doesn't love to dress cute but stay comfortable? I'd say you're crazy if you don't! Today I'm rounding up my favorite pajama tops and how I like to style them for an easy, chic look. Most pajama tops you see have some sort of contrast piping paired with a deep v button up. Normally when I'm looking for the perfect pajama top, I go for a more expensive looking one. Now, this doesn't mean it has to BE expensive. This just means that I'm choosing a faux satin/silk over a cotton based top. When choosing satin/silk over cotton, you're making your outfit look more put together and not like you just rolled out of bed.

The good news when buying a pajama top, it's more than likely being sold in a set. Dual purpose, am I right? Sleep or play, you're still styling!

I like to style my pajama tops with a good pair of denim (usually skinnies), cute pumps and a pair of statement earrings to dress it up. Just how I did here! Now, there are some pros that can pull off wearing the full pj set and make it look chic (ex. here). My advice if you're wanting to try this is to be sure you glam it up! Throw on some heels, statement earrings and a bold lip. Be sure that your set is a little more form fitting or slim so you don't run the risk of it looking sloppy. I also love how she ended up tying the front of the top instead of tucking it or buttoning it all the way down.

I of course love solid pajama tops. They're easier to style and sometimes I just love simplicity. BUT there are some super cute printed ones like the one I'm wearing in these photos. I've sorted through so many over the last few days and have rounded up my favorites for you all at the end of this blog post (printed and not). Be sure to check out the ones where I just supplied the link instead of a photo. I unfortunately couldn't link them all the same way but no matter which one you click on it will take you straight to the product page so you can shop!

More of my favorite pajama tops here and here . The one I'm wearing in these photos here.

What are your thoughts on the pajama top trend? Are you here for it or not? If so, how do you plan to style it?

Thank you so much for reading!

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