My Kind of Suit

Calling all females that either A. work from home or B. don't have a strict office dress code! This short suit is PERFECT for you! This right here is where office meets fashion because who doesn't love a comfortable yet stylish suit?

I got this cute little suit courtesy of Chic Wish! They even have one that comes in dusty blue that I have also linked below. I'm more of a neutral colored person so the black and white is perfect for me!

I paired this suit with a silk, lace tank underneath which gives it a little more fashion flare! Add a pair of cute heels or sandals and you're set for the work day! This is one of the moments I'm blessed with the opportunity to work from home because I get to wear cute outfits like this. Owwoww!

With September being here I can say that I'm truly sad to see summer go but I've learned in Texas it doesn't seem to cool down that quickly. Looks like I've got a liiiiiitle more time to wear cute items like this one!

What's your work style look like?

Thank you all so much for reading!

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