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Today is all about beauty! Now, I'm no beauty blogger nor do I switch up my makeup a lot but if you request it, I provide it. These products I use on the daily, they're affordable and my makeup routine is probably about 10 minutes. Sounds great, right?

I begin by applying a moisturizer to my face. I normally use this one from tula. I do this to not only keep my skin feeling great but I feel as if my makeup goes on even better! I have slightly dry skin so face lotion is definitely my friend.

After I moisturize I can start applying my makeup!

Step 1: Apply the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to under eyes and surrounding face. Grab beauty blender and blend it in! I absolutely love this concealer because the coverage is AMAZING! I've been using this one for years. If I need a little more coverage or just feel like doing my makeup REALLY well, I will use my bareMinerals foundation. That's usually on rare occasions like a night out or some sort of event.

Step 2: Apply Maybelline Fit Me Powder. This powder is amazing. It's matte and poreless so it really gives me that finished look I want!

Step 3: This is my favorite part of all! Applying blush. When applying this CoverGirl blush you'll want to start from your cheek bone and go towards the top of your ear. I have never loved a blush like I love this one! It has a very pretty shimmer to it almost acting as a blush and highlighter in one! Okurrrr!

Step 4: I then move on to my eyes! If you were to look at my L'Oreal eyeshadow palette you could easily figure out the shades I use the most. Like I said, I rarely change things up haha. What's so great about this palette is that it shows you multiple ways you can use the shades together on the back. I use the last three shades a majority of the time. I start by putting the middle of those three all over the lid of my eyes. I then use the dark brown in the crease and under my eyes and then finish the look off with the last color on top, under my brows!

Step 5: Now, it's BROW TIME! This Anastasia brow pencil is great for starting out. This is the very first one I ever bought and have stuck with it since. This brow pencil makes it almost impossible to mess up. The only thing I had to get used to was the harder you push, the darker it goes on. So safe to say sometimes my brows were a liiiitle too dark for me. I like to think I've got the hang of it now!

Step 6: Lovely lashes! I'm very particular about what mascara I use. For some reason I cannot use waterproof because it makes me want to rip out my eyelashes. I'm not being dramatic, I really do pull at my eyelashes all the time. It's a terrible habit! So I've found the want to do that isn't as bad when I'm wearing normal mascara. My favorite is the Maybelline Volum' Express! I love how long and think this mascara makes my eyelashes look.

Step 7: And finally, lipstick! I use my Rimmel lipstick in the shade "Paradise" EVERY DAY! I'm not kidding, it's my go to, my favorite, my everything! I once thought that Walmart was going to quit selling it so I bought 5 at once. That's how obsessed I am with this lipstick. Paradise is such a good nude/everyday color. It goes on silky smooth and never leaves your lips dry.

That's a wrap!

My simple, everyday makeup look, the products I use and where to get them (linked below). I've got an Instagram IGTV coming very soon to actually show you how I use every product.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you happen to try any of these products or my routine, let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. January 25, 2019 / 2:42 pm

    Hey Randi! Thanks for sharing your routine – I’m always looking for easy, everyday makeup routines and I love the Fit Me products! I’ll have to check out ‘Paradise’ since you love it so much!

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