Engagement Photos Pt. 1 – What We Wore

I'M ENGAGED! Did you read my last post on how it happened? So surreal! I know it's been a while since I've wrote about it and I've gotten quite a bit done throughout the planning process. I now want to go back and fill you in on it all plus give any tips and inspiration if you're in the engaged season as well or just looking to plan your next photo session with your boo.

A few months after Preston proposed we did our engagement photos. I was just so stinkin' excited and didn't want to wait any longer. Especially since we didn't have a photographer capture the actual moment. I'm going to make this topic a two part series where I first talk about what we wore and how we decided. The second blog post will be how we chose the location. I hope you enjoy this wedding series! There will definitely be so much more to come.

When starting to plan for our engagement session I first made a vision board. This helped not only me but my photographer figure out exactly what I was wanting and what my vision was. To see my engagement session vision board you can head over to my Instagram under my vision board highlight. After that I thought about location because that will play a lot into choosing your outfits. I probably should have wrote that blog post first but hey, here we are haha!


Once I decided on the location where we would have our engagement session I talked with my photographer about the timeframe and asked how many outfit changes is normal/what she recommends. She recommended doing three different outfits and shooting at sunset because you know, golden hour is key! I immediately knew I wanted to do a dressy look, a casual look and an in between.

I first chose this dress from Lulu's as my dressy outfit. I wanted something that would blow in the wind easily. Movement is a must! For Preston, I put him in a button down and khakis. Color choice is key when choosing your outfits. In my opinion, you want to stick with more neutral and earth tones, staying away from loud colors and patterns. I just feel as though it helps make really great photos!

Next I chose a cute white dress as my in between outfit. I wanted this to not be too dressy but not too casual either, hence why I call it my in between. Something Preston and I would probably wear during a day date. I paired this dress with my Lack of Color hat and some low block Dolce Vita heels. Preston wore his khakis again and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. My thought process was whoever was in some sort of color, the other would be completely neutral. That way I didn't have to worry about anything clashing.

Our last outfit was my favorite! I put us both in our blue jeans, Converse, I in this cute top from Verge Girl and Preston in a grey v-neck. I unfortunately can't find the exact top I wore but just think of a cute top you'd pair with your favorite jeans and sneakers and you're good to go! Overall, be sure to wear something that is YOU. You don't want to choose something you'd either be uncomfortable in or trying for the first time. You and your significant other will be moving a lot during the photos so the least amount of adjusting or worrying about something the better!


photos by Madison Katlin Photography

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for the next blog post on how we chose the location!


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