Embracing a New Journey – Dallas Edition

On today's post I'm going to try to get a little deeper, so I hope you guys will continue reading and enjoy! Recently I've been going back to Oklahoma quite a bit, and the most frequently asked question I get is, "how are you liking Dallas?" I've probably already answered this for a lot of you but most of the time I have kept it pretty vague. So, here I am to give you all an in depth answer to that very question of yours. 

First of all, a little background of myself. For as long as I can remember Dallas has been in my thoughts. I have always (for some reason) had the desire to move here. I think it's because I've always had a passion for fashion and just couldn't see myself moving too far away from my family and friends. Places like New York and California were just not reasonable for me at the time. Dallas was the perfect combination of fashion insight and distance for me. 

I got super lucky when one of my best friends (Trevor) approached me about his want to move to Dallas. And there the dream and planning began. We set ourselves a date and said no matter what we weren't backing out. As May 2nd approached I felt so many different emotions. I was excited, scared, stressed, emotional and so much more. I couldn't decide if this was the right decision for me. Although Dallas is only around 3 hours away from home, I still realized I couldn't just see or hangout with anyone whenever I wanted. I would now have to plan my trips. 

Some people think that because T and I did this together that it makes it easier. I agree and disagree with that statement. It's great to have a friend here to share this new adventure with but it doesn't take away the feeling of missing friends or family. I always wish I could just copy and paste everyone here haha. But I'm confident that the amazing people I already have in my life are here for the long haul. 

So, with all of that said, how am I liking Dallas? I LOVE IT! Before the move things just seemed to fall perfectly into place. I scored my dream job and found an amazing apartment with a great location.

I have only been here for about 3 months and I'll admit I have my good and bad days, who wouldn't? Maybe I was ready for a big move and maybe I wasn't but one thing is for sure. The key to living a bold, meaningful, purpose-filled life isn't about being fearless, or totally prepared, or even the best at what you do. It's being scared and uncertain and doubting yourself completely -- but showing up and doing it anyway. Embracing the uncomfortable seasons because most of the time those tend to be your best seasons! I am confident in knowing that God is walking through this journey with me. He wants me here for a reason and I'm here to find out for what.

I have already met some wonderful people whom I consider new friends, experienced a great church, food and so much more. This journey definitely isn't over. I still have so much more of Dallas to explore and get to know and I can only see myself falling more in love with this city.

So, maybe I've always been a little hesitant on how to answer that question every time I'm asked but it's just because I do miss my friends and family. My life in Oklahoma was great but something was just drawing me to Texas and with all of the new opportunities opening for me, how could I not take a chance? This adventure has been nothing less than eventful thus far and every so often I will continue to keep you all updated on my life in Dallas. I hope you'll stick around for the ride!

Thanks so much for reading!


Photos by Madison Katlin Photography


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