Band Tee 101

Took my band tee from day to night by trading in my jeans and tennis shoes for a skirt and booties! I went pretty bold with the skirt color and contrasting booties. If you're wanting to dress up your band tee, or any tee simply add a fun skirt/pants and heels and you're GTG! Sometimes I like to keep things slightly more casual. To do that I would wear nude or black heels instead of the booties or wear a black skirt instead of the bold orange.

I got this fun band tee from one of my favorite boutiques in Oklahoma (Lush Fashion Lounge). You've heard me talk about them time and time again but they never disappoint with their inventory!

I'm loving that skirts and tees have become such a thing. Honestly a little casual mixed with a dash of dressy is the perfect outfit for me!

What's your favorite band/artist to listen to?

Do you like to dress up band tees or are you more of a jeans and tee kind of girl?

Thanks so much for reading! 

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