2020 Vision Board

The New Year is here and just like any other we all crave new beginnings, we set goals and think about how we can make it the best one yet. How we can be better, do better and have better. Well.. for the first time I decided to make a vision board. I've heard endless good things about creating one who why not, right? The main reason is I really wanted to map out my dreams for the new year to help keep it in the forefront of my mind as the days go by.

Here's my 2020 vision board explained:

Read more - I want to trade my screen time with book time. Doing something else other than consuming my brain with endless tv.

Workout at least 3x a week - I haven't been very consistent about working out in so long. I do it for a little here and there but I want to make it a goal to workout at LEAST three times a week. I've found it's best if I'm signed up for a class. It keeps me accountable rather than working out by myself in a gym or at home.

New hairstyle - I've been wanting to change things up for a few months now. It's that time! Setting up an appointment for this month.

Travel - I have such a passion for travel but not really the means to do so. I've never been out of the country other than the one time I went on a cruise. This year I want to go out of the country at least one time and experience something new. Maybe Italy?

New car - Ok, if you've been here awhile then you know my car troubles so this is a pretty generic new years goal but I think it's time to trade up.

Drink more water - I'm clearly terrible at drinking water. If you know me then you know I would choose an iced coca-cola over water any day! I've gotten so much better but now making it a goal to drink two of my Healthish water bottles a day.

Learn something new - I want to learn something new this year. I'm thinking a new language. French?

Grow my following and brand - I want to be very intentional this year about what I want for my brand and what I want it to grow into. Over the years I've made countless excuses for myself and why I haven't been seeing results I've wanted. It's time to put those excuses aside and chase my dreams. Hoping something very special.

Love deeply and fearlessly - I'm not sure what's in store for Preston and I but I have no doubt that it's something very special. Super excited to keep growing and loving this sweet man.

Stretch every day - For those that don't know, I used to be a gymnast back in the day. I'm determined to get my flexibility back just to see if I can. Simple as that!

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